types of structures



We use free shape construction systems made out of tubes pin connected with nodes for filigree roof and faсade structures. 

Because of the bolted connections with prefabricated elements without welding, the high manufacturing and erection speed can be adjusted easily. 


- filigree roof and facade structures of any shape and scale;
- design using both unique and standardized solutions;
- minimal tolerances;
- fast design, manufacturing and easy installation (production capacity 
  10 000 sqm/ month);
- different types of coatings for interior and exterior application (powder   
  coating, hot dip galvanizing, nickel plating, etc.).  
  The flame resistant finish can be used if needed;
- various types of substructures and claddings: glass, steel, ACP and 
  membrane structures.



There are two types of materials used in space frame systems – steel and high-strength aluminum alloy (EN AW-6082)



Ст3сп, 09Г2С



High-strength aluminum alloy 
(EN AW-6082)


 Dome structures

spatial translucent construction (anti-aircraft lights)

Such structures have a high load-bearing capacity and are easily mounted.

The Kinds:

- in the form of a sphere; - free forms - arch constructions; - round in plan; - rectangular in plan;

Maximum span

single layer 60m

double layer 120m The


 Overlying span

Long-span systems include structures with a span of more than 36 m. Objects with unsupported coatings over 60 m are already unique large-span structures. They also include objects with spans of more than 100 m. The use of large-span structures allows the maximum use of the bearing qualities of the material and thus provides easy and economical coatings. These factors are especially important today, when a reduction in the mass of structures and structures as a whole becomes the determining factor of modern construction. That is why there is interest in large-span structures. Much attention in the design of large-span buildings should be given to protection against progressive collapse, substandard construction of foundations or installation of load-bearing structures, impact of seismic and dynamic loads.



Easily erected pedestrian bridge structures span up to 60 m. They are made of a two-layer ball-rod system


Facade shells

Facade translucent structures of free form with the possibility of fixing both to the ceilings of the building and to the self-supporting frame


Manufacturing of structural farms takes into account all existing requirements for quality and design, and meets modern technological requirements. Company Load-bearing systems are an independent manufacturer of all necessary elements of a structural system. Our production is located in Novosibirsk and is equipped with the latest equipment from leading world manufacturers.



-Multiple experience of construction; -Full projects "on a turn-key basis"; -Realized facilities throughout Russia; -Specialization on building metal structures and constructions from glass; -Use of domestic raw materials, passed 100% incoming control; -Management of control at all stages, provision of engineers for the implementation of supervision services.



The design process is organized in such a way that it can be included in the work at any stage of the construction of the facility. Development of the concept both within the company and joint work with design organizations on optimizing and adapting the designs to the end of the examination